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"A rich man is not one who has much, but who gives much, for what he gives away always remains forever." St. John Chrysostom

Stewards and friends of the Parish are encouraged to donate to the Parish safely and securely through the options provided below. Each gift made to the Parish is received with gratitude and will be lovingly used by our community appropriately and as designated. Please contact the Church Office with questions. Thank you!

Use the form below to make a one-time donation. Descriptions of each type of contribution are below the form. To set up a weekly, monthly or annual recurring donation, please contact the church.

  Type of Contribution Amount


Building Campaign    

Parish Projects

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Good Samaritan Fund    

Pascha and Nativity Donations


These gifts of your treasure (please see time and talent sheet as well) support the operational budget of the Parish. Ideally, each and every Orthodox Christian community sustains her ministries fully through the offerings of the faithful who regularly offer a tithe, the Scriptural and traditional gift of 10% asked of us by God. Stewards are encouraged to utilize this option for making a regular gift to the Church. God Bless!

Building Campaign

Donated funds to this account assist the Parish with the Grace Conidaris Parish Center mortgage.

Parish Projects

These gifts help maintain the beauty and safety of our Parish complex. 

      1. Sunday School Fund
      2. Church Items Fund
      3. General Fund 

Memorial Donations

Donations may be made in honor of friends and family members who have fallen asleep in the Lord. Unless noted, these monies are used at the discretion of the clergy to purchase liturgical items for the Parish. Please note in the memo, which appears after the payment information is entered, the name of the servant of God who is reposed so that they may be included in our prayers. 

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund assists members of our Parish when they fall into difficult times and are used for a variety of reasons. The Fund is administered with total confidentiality with the member's identity never bieng revealed. An accounting of the Fund's activities is offered each year at the Fall Parish General Assembly Meeting.

Pascha and Nativity Donations

Donations to the Pascha and Nativity account enable the Parish during the Holy Seasons to be prepared in such a way that allows the faithful to know that something special and unique is taking place. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. 


Contact the church office with any questions at: 

Phone: (239) 481-2099             Fax: (239) 481-0504

8210 Cypress Lake Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33919-5116


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